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It was a pretty good month for sewing up some of my stash. However, in the 3rd week of January we received some unfortunate family related news that put a screeching halt to all my sewing for an entire week. Still recovering from the news but hope to get back to sewing today. Even with losing the week, I managed to sew, give away and sell over 28 yards! Not too shabby.

I started the year doing very well NOT purchasing any fabric but ended up purchasing some washable wool and lining materials from fabric.com for my daughter’s coat. I wanted her to be able to wash the coat when she goes to college in the fall to help her keep expenses down. I also slipped up and purchased a couple of pieces from the local resale shop. So, I acquired about 12 yards – 6 of which I will use on my daughter’s coat. Net loss of fabric overall so am happy about that!!! I determined to stay out of the resale shop!! Gets me every time.

I have been hoping to sew the coat for over a year now and today I will finally be cutting the fabric! It is Butterick 5685. I was able to make up a muslin pretty easy so the actual sewing should go well. Fingers crossed.

The other big project I had in the works was an entry to the contest Gertie is hosting. I was able to get 2 muslins ready but still have a slight fitting issue with the back and I am afraid I am out of time. Entries are due the end of month and we are traveling beginning the 29th. Kind of bummed about this one but sewing (or life) doesn’t always go the way one hopes!

I have been using an excel spreadsheet to track my fabric usage and any (unfortunate) purchases. Here is what I have for January thus far.

fabric used amount (yds) project
Jan pink cotton solid 1.75 binding for conboy baby quilt repair
august lion/cotton and steel 0.5 the holland bag main
pink with white burst/cotton and steel 0.5 the holland bag lining and pocket
misc. scraps for small bag 0.33 getpaidbag
geofabulous 3 fabrics for small bag 0.33 getpaidbag
plain muslin 2 safari skirt
blue cotton solid for straps 0.1 getpaidbag
misc scraps 0.25 2 mug rugs
pink repurposed 2 madi coat mock up
black circle home dec 0.5 sugar and spice bag
black cotton 0.5 sugar and spice lining
black leather 0.75 piping/straps for sugar and spice
poly blanket with fringe 2 poncho for madi
gray wool remnant 1 2 wool scarves
blue brushed denim 1.25 safari skirt
mendoza scrap 0.2 safari skirt
black spandex 0.2 cole trunks
galazy poly/spandex blend 0.2 cole trunks
swim lining 0.2 cole trunks
girl themed 1 donate
boy themed 1 donate
swirl spandex 0.2 cole trunks
alexander henry churras 5 sold
children’s prints 4.5 gave to Bonnie
plain muslin 2.5 gertie coat mock
Total 28.76

madiblanketcape                            onsafariskirt

A couple of my completed January projects.

Well, January has already come and gone – now on to more sewing in February and our great stashbusting theme.

Check back here in a couple of days for the full details of the February contest!